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a young beginner paino player sits and reads sheet music

Notes For Parents Of Beginning Piano Students

Have A Beginner? Digital Pianos May Work.

For many years, piano teachers recommended that their students learn to play on an acoustic piano only, rather than an electronic/digital piano. 


Interesting Information About Pianos

Frequent Questions We Answer About Pianos

Buying a piano can be a daunting task, simply because there are now so many new models from which to choose; so, following are some facts that might be of help.

a small child takes piano lessons and her hands move quickly.

The Many “C’s” Of Piano Lessons

Concentration, coordination, correctness, confidence, creativity, capability, competence:

All are traits developed by piano students as they travel their musical journey to reach full potential and achieve many rewards as pianists, whatever their ages.

A piano from a piano dealer showroom sets in the middle of the floor

The Midwest’s Leading Piano Dealer

Kansas City’s Piano Dealer For Nearly 50 Years!

At Meyer Music, the belief is that there’s a perfect piano for every aspiring pianist. That’s why we hand-pick the brands that appeal to the unique and diverse needs of piano players in Kansas City and all across the Midwest.

A piano from a piano dealer showroom sets in the middle of the floor

Annual Fall Piano Sale

The time is now to own a piano! We invite you to our Annual Fall Piano Sale, Friday and Saturday, November 8-9 at all three Meyer Music locations.

Soloist Program 2

Is it Time to Consider a Step-Up Instrument?

“Participating in the band at my school is both an exciting and beneficial experience. I’m now a firm believer that ‘Making Music makes you Smarter,’ commented a local woodwind student.

Some “Do’s & Don’ts” for Instrument Care

September 25th, 2013

Taking good care of a band or orchestra instrument is important in maintaining the quality of sound that the student’s instrument will produce. Some experienced repair persons shared a few “Do’s & Don’ts” for young musicians to remember for instrument care.

Which Shoulder Rest is Right for Me?

September 6th, 2013

Beginning violin and viola players are required to purchase a shoulder rest when they rent an instrument for school; but since there are several options from which to select, students and parents often ask, “which one should I choose?”

Thoughts on Stick and Mallet Section for the Marching Percussion Ensemble

August 14th, 2013

By Clif Walker, Associate Director of Bands & Director of Percussion Studies – Blue Springs High School

There are many great stick and mallet companies in the world. At Blue Springs High School we use Innovative Percussion due to the superior variety and availability of both quality product and service. The recommendations below can easily be translated into similar products offered by different companies.


Online Meyer Music School Store

August 12th, 2013

A Benefit for Parents & Students

Meyer Music is pleased to offer for the third year, a service available to students, parents, and music teachers: the online School Store.