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News | Meyer Music


Meyer Music Official Drop Off Location for the Manilow Music Project

The public is invited to donate new or gently used music instruments to benefit Kansas City Public School children in exchange for two free tickets to Barry Manilow’s ONE LAST TIME! concert.

Turning instrument parts into jewelry to benefit Band of Angels

Putting Beauty in Both the Eye and Ear of the Beholder

Artists have been repurposing materials for use in their art for years. Jewelry artists are no different, and have joined the popular re-purposing movement. Hang Ups in KC is a Kansas City, Missouri-based small business owned and operated by co-creators Kristi Jurgensen and Carolyn Adams. Kristi & Carolyn transform vintage treasures such as keys, silverware and typewriters (to name a few) into fun and inspiring jewelry. The duo have added a unique twist to their materials repertoire thanks to Band of Angels.

Soloist saxaphone when your child is ready for a new level of musicianship

Selecting the Right Step-Up Instrument at the Right Time

It’s an exciting moment when a student gets his or her first band or orchestra instrument. Yet, that moment can be fleeting because soon enough your child’s skill and ability will improve to the point where he or she outgrows that beginner’s instrument. 

Couples gathered enjoying a Yamaha grand piano

Meyer Music’s Buyer’s Guide for Grand Pianos

There are very few musical instruments that carry as much significance or are as impressive as a grand piano. When investing in one, it is crucial to find the grand piano that not only lives up to your expectations, but also its manufacturer’s reputation.

Close Up of Hands Testing a Yamaha Piano

The Consumer Guide to Buying a Piano

Buying the right piano for you

You want to buy a piano. You don’t want to spend more than you have to, but you want to invest your money wisely in a piano that will meet your needs now and in the future. We understand. The most important thing to know (and will put your mind at ease) is that it’s hard to go wrong when buying a piano.

Elementary aged girl practicing her piano lesssons

Five Great Reasons Children Should Take Piano Lessons in Kansas City

With three locations around the area, Meyer Music gives thousands of piano lessons in Kansas City every week. Generally speaking, our piano students begin learning to play piano for one of two reasons.

making music makes you smarter

No Pain, All Brain

Science proves playing a band or orchestra instrument improves brain function.

Some kids may not like vegetables. They avoid leafy greens and healthy food like homework and chores. Nothing you tell them could possibly change their mind. But have you ever heard of a kid who doesn’t like music?


Grand Opening Piano Sale

To celebrate the grand opening of our newly relocated Overland Park location, we’re having a piano sale!

You’ll find a great selection of new and used Yamaha and Pearl River pianos.

kids playing rented band and orchestra equipment beside a yellow school bus

Renting Vs. Buying Band And Orchestra Equipment

So the day has come when your child realizes that listening to music just isn’t enough; he or she wants to PLAY music.

Nancy Bachus

Alfred Piano Workshop

Presented by Nancy Bachus

Date and Time

Wednesday, August 20, 2014
9:00 am to 12:30 pm
Registration at 8:30 am