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Close Up of Hands Testing a Yamaha Piano

The Consumer Guide to Buying a Piano

Buying the right piano for you

You want to buy a piano. You don’t want to spend more than you have to, but you want to invest your money wisely in a piano that will meet your needs now and in the future. We understand. The most important thing to know (and will put your mind at ease) is that it’s hard to go wrong when buying a piano.

Elementary aged girl practicing her piano lesssons

Five Great Reasons Children Should Take Piano Lessons in Kansas City

With three locations around the area, Meyer Music gives thousands of piano lessons in Kansas City every week. Generally speaking, our piano students begin learning to play piano for one of two reasons.

making music makes you smarter

No Pain, All Brain

Science proves playing a band or orchestra instrument improves brain function.

Some kids may not like vegetables. They avoid leafy greens and healthy food like homework and chores. Nothing you tell them could possibly change their mind. But have you ever heard of a kid who doesn’t like music?


Grand Opening Piano Sale

To celebrate the grand opening of our newly relocated Overland Park location, we’re having a piano sale!

You’ll find a great selection of new and used Yamaha and Pearl River pianos.

kids playing rented band and orchestra equipment beside a yellow school bus

Renting Vs. Buying Band And Orchestra Equipment

So the day has come when your child realizes that listening to music just isn’t enough; he or she wants to PLAY music.

Nancy Bachus

Alfred Piano Workshop

Presented by Nancy Bachus

Date and Time

Wednesday, August 20, 2014
9:00 am to 12:30 pm
Registration at 8:30 am

High School Students Performing at Summer Band Camp

Band Camp 101

Tips for Surviving (and Enjoying) Band Camp

Twenty years from now, some of your best memories from high school will probably include the time you spent at summer band camp. But right now, you’re just thinking about how hot it’s going to be and making sure you arrive with everything you need.

a great Ming violin and viola ensemble

Ming JZ Handcrafted String Instruments Available At Meyer Music

We’re honored to add Ming JZ violins and violas from highly acclaimed Zhu Ming-Jiang to our stringed instrument selection. Ming JZ handcrafted string instruments are some of the highest-quality instruments available in the world today.

a young beginner paino player sits and reads sheet music

Notes For Parents Of Beginning Piano Students

Have A Beginner? Digital Pianos May Work.

For many years, piano teachers recommended that their students learn to play on an acoustic piano only, rather than an electronic/digital piano. 


Interesting Information About Pianos

Frequent Questions We Answer About Pianos

Buying a piano can be a daunting task, simply because there are now so many new models from which to choose; so, following are some facts that might be of help.