From Band Students to Band Directors, Meyer Music Helps Pave the Road to Success

What did you want to be when you grew up? Chances are the answer changed from the time you were in middle or high school to when you graduated college. But some people just know from an early age the career path they want to follow. That is the case with Chase Wallace and Max Rohlf, both currently seniors at the University of Kansas (KU) and doing their student teaching at the secondary level in Overland Park school districts. Chase and Max are applying for band director jobs for next school year.

Kansas Middle School Band Director & Students Make Their Mark at 2017 KMEA Conference

More than 6,000 teachers, students and parents were expected to attend the 2017 Kansas Music Educators Association (KMEA) convention in Wichita held February 23–25. Approximately 100 bands, orchestras and choirs from around the state submitted audition tapes in hopes of being selected as one of the groups to perform at the event. Of those 100 submissions, only 43 were chosen.

Couples gathered enjoying a Yamaha grand piano

Meyer Music’s Buyer’s Guide for Grand Pianos

There are very few musical instruments that carry as much significance or are as impressive as a grand piano. When investing in one, it is crucial to find the grand piano that not only lives up to your expectations, but also its manufacturer’s reputation.