Yamaha Grand Pianos

Bigger is better

Yamaha built its first organ in 1887. Since that time, Yamaha has been a trailblazer in the industry while raising the bar for musical instrument quality and grand piano elegance. In fact, Yamaha’s founder introduced contemporary production to piano manufacturing. Several other piano manufacturers followed Yamaha’s lead and made piano ownership more affordable and widespread than ever before. Today, Yamaha’s grand piano series is synonymous with impeccable style and superb craftsmanship.


Yamaha Grand Piano G Series

Yamaha’s G Series of grand pianos make ownership a reality for those on a budget or with space limitations. The G Series includes Yamaha’s most affordable grand piano, as well as budget-friendly baby grand pianos for tight spaces. While affordable and compact, grand pianos in the G Series offer similar resonance and tone as much larger and more expensive pianos.


Yamaha Grand Piano C Series

C Series grand pianos have been improved in resonance and expressive control. These grand pianos take their elegantly curved music rack from the impressive S Series. White Ivorite keys resemble the feel of true ivory and the black keys are crafted from ebony-like wood composite for a natural sensation as you play. Luxury abounds in the C Series with brass support cups on the grand piano’s lid, precisely matched frame and surfaces color, and a veneer inner rim finish.


Yamaha Grand Piano CX Series

CX Series pianos feature a completely revamped design, yet follows the CF Series concert grand piano’s clean, sophisticated lines. Ornamentation is downplayed, preferring to focus instead on the characteristic legs of a grand piano. A solid pedal box encourages players to depress pedals as softly or powerfully as desired. Functional design takes on whole new meaning as the CX Series grand piano melds to its pianist’s form and playing. CX Series grand pianos’ white keys are crafted of Ivorite™, which is similar in touch and color to natural ivory. The black keys are made of natural ebony.


Yamaha Grand Piano Disklavier Series

Yamaha’s Disklavier Series are more than merely a piano, Yamaha’s Disklavier is a complete entertainment system. Ever since Yamaha introduced hybrid acoustic/digital pianos in 1986, these computer-age ‘player’ pianos have evolved into instruments that can reproduce ‘live’ acoustic piano concerts and ensemble music with instrumental backings and vocal tracks. This unique combination of both acoustic and digital superiority has made Yamaha’s Disklavier the obvious choice of music-lovers, pianists, and educators worldwide.


Yamaha Piano AvantGrand Series

The Yamaha AvantGrand Series is a hybrid piano, combining over one hundred years of superb piano craftsmanship with the latest advanced technologies. A keyboard and pedals indistinguishable from those of a grand piano. Stunningly authentic tactile response. Speakers with the authority and presence to deliver flawless sound… The AvantGrand weaves advanced technology into an extraordinary design that gives form to Yamaha’s aspirations for the future.

Meyer Music has select Yamaha grand pianos in stock. Visit the grand piano gallery on Yamaha’s website to view the entire line. We are more than happy to order any Yamaha grand piano you wish.