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4 Tips Every New Band and Orchestra Parent Should Know

Sep 08, 2022

4 Tips Every New Band and Orchestra Parent Should Know

In households across Kansas City, it’s back-to-school time. For many families, that means their first foray into band or orchestra… An exciting new prospect! More than a hobby, music education provides a foundation for life. If you played in your school band or orchestra as a kid, you know how fun and beneficial it can be… and even if you did not, you can imagine the benefits.

A spot in the school band or orchestra provides your child a fantastic opportunity to meet classmates and build friendships. And playing an instrument could lead to a life-long passion, provide a fun outlet, inspire creativity and improve performance across academic subjects or all the above.

Whatever the motivation, learning a new instrument can be both thrilling and maddening. Here are a few tips to support your child’s new endeavor.

Tip #1: Listen to Your Child’s Band or Orchestra Director

Every director has specific recommendations and requirements. Trust us when we tell you, that they are not just pulling these out of thin air. Directors are in-tune with which instruments students should use and why, common challenges new musicians face and how to develop specific skills.

Furthermore, they are thinking big picture. Typically, the instruction your child receives plays into a larger plan for the entire group. The director may be trying to build a certain culture among bandmates, master a specific piece of music or qualify for competition. Regardless, they will have your child’s best interest at heart, so trust them.

Tip #2: Encourage Practice

The journey to developing a new skill does not include shortcuts. If your child is to succeed, regular practice is important. Working independently, your child will start to truly learn their instrument rather than rely solely on instructor cues. In doing so, kids typically become more confident, take more ownership over the process and build good habits. Practice teaches discipline and how to tackle big challenges through small but consistent action.

Finally, more practice means more repetition, which promotes muscle memory and stronger recall abilities. What does this all mean? Your kid will be better prepared to make the most of official band or orchestra time by putting in hard work beforehand.

Tip #3: Everything New Takes Time to Learn — Private Music Lessons Help

Once the novelty of a new challenge like learning an instrument wears off, it is common for kids to become discouraged by what might feel like slow progress. Private music lessons can help your budding musician stay the course with tailored feedback and a path to success.

Because, although directors are masters of their craft, they may not be experts in your child’s instrument. Private instructors are and can give in-depth lessons on the parts, mechanics and nuances of an instrument.

At Meyer Music, our team of vetted, qualified private instructors work with students of all skill levels and includes experts on more than 20 instruments and voice. Today, band and orchestra classrooms are at capacity. Our instructors can provide the one-on-one attention schools cannot, helping kids improve technique, become more confident musicians and enjoy the learning process.

Tip #4: It’s Not Uncommon for Your Child to Change Instruments

As children progress, most will want to change instruments or upgrade existing ones. This is a good thing. By trying different instruments, your child can see what he or she really enjoys playing and become a more versatile musician. You may see the upside to this, but be wondering how plausible it is to support this creative exploration.

We understand the learning process well, and it is our mission to support kids and their families every step of the way. Our Rent-to-Learn and Rent-to-Own band and orchestra programs make it easy to try something new or upgrade as a young musician grows and improves.

And it is effortless and affordable for you. Our rental packages are designed to local directors’ and districts’ specifications. With the selection you need and convenient rental terms, the process is incredibly easy.

Best of all, throughout the rental period, your payments build equity toward a performance-level instrument available through our Soloist program. So, when your child is ready to take their talent to the next level, we have you covered.

Trust Meyer Music for music education needs. If you have questions about our band or orchestra rental programs or would like to get to know our professionals, contact any of our three locations in Overland Park, Blue Springs or Kansas City North to get started.