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No One Makes Owning or Renting a Piano Easier or More Affordable

If you’re a master pianist, you’ll appreciate our staff’s eye and passion for filling our showroom with pianos that embody quality and solid craftsmanship. If you’re a beginner or have a novice player, you can trust our experts to recommend a piano that fits your style, space and rental or purchase budget.

Meyer Music carries the most renowned brands, and our staff can guide you to the perfect piano for you. Visit our showroom to feel the keys beneath your fingers. Ask questions. We’re happy to share our knowledge about what matters most when selecting a piano. Most importantly, we want you to be completely thrilled with your piano and get the maximum enjoyment out of your rental or investment.


Every Piano in Our Showroom is Carefully Selected for Its Sound, Beauty and Durability

New Pianos

Experts recommend buying the best quality piano within your budget, knowing it will retain much of its value and is a good investment. We carry an impressive selection of Yamaha and Pearl River pianos, known worldwide as the performer’s choice.

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Preowned Pianos

Buying from a private seller online is risky. You know you’re getting a quality preowned piano from us. Our experts have personally vetted each one for design, materials and construction quality, as well as tone and touch.

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Rental Pianos

Most of our preowned grand, vertical and digital pianos are available for rent. Rental pianos have a low upfront investment, no long-term commitment and an easy return process. Payments are applied toward purchase unless you cancel.

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From a Starter Piano to a Stunning Grand Piano, Buy or Rent Your Style Here

Few musical instruments are as impressive as a grand piano, whether it’s a preowned 6’ baby grand or a new 9’ concert hall grand piano. At Meyer Music, buying the perfect grand piano for your home and playing enjoyment is a matter of personal style and preference.

If space and budget are an issue, then a vertical piano may be the perfect fit. Each upright piano manufacturer is known for its unique sound—some are warmer and others are brighter.

A digital piano lets classic pianists replicate a grand piano sound, and technology buffs recreate their own orchestra. Digital pianos are so versatile that it’s like owning several types of pianos in one.

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You’re never too old to learn something new or improve your technique. Our instructors are just as skilled at teaching mature students, as they are school-aged children.

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Have a Question About Pianos?

If you have questions about finding the right piano, ask for our professional opinion. Our experts can guide you through the buying or renting process to ensure that you purchase the highest quality grand piano within your budget.

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