Music Lessons Matter

More Than 2,000 Students a Week Choose Meyer Music

Our founders, Ted and Betty Meyer, were both educators in local school districts before they founded Meyer Music. Since 1966, the backbone of Meyer Music has been providing private music lessons to Kansas City area students. No music store offers more music lessons than we do, and our vetted, quality instructors work with students ranging from beginning to advanced skill levels.

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    Music Lessons Make a Difference in Quality of Life and Learning

    Taking private music lessons from Meyer Music impacts far more than musical talent. The skills acquired by learning to play an instrument have a positive effect on school performance and lasts well into adulthood. Music lessons are proven to:

    Music Lessons Tailored to Both Kansas City’s Young and Young at Heart

    You’re never too old to learn something new or improve your playing techniques. Our music instructors are just as comfortable teaching mature students as they are school-aged children.

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    Electric Guitar
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    Acoustic Guitar

    For more information about private lessons, read the FAQ section below or contact the Meyer Music location nearest you:

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Taking Music Lessons at Meyer Music

    What is the best age at which to start my child with private music lessons?
    That depends on several factors. Does your child show an interest and a desire to learn music? Does he or she have a good attention span? Is he or she physically large enough to comfortably hold an instrument? Most piano and strings/orchestra teachers will start private music lessons with a child at age 6 or 7. In some cases, children start as young as 3 years old, but that requires extensive parental involvement and parents are usually required to take lessons right along with their child. Wind and brass music lessons generally start at age 11 or 12, usually when band classes are offered in public schools.

    How do I find a qualified teacher for my child’s private music lessons?
    Meyer Music hires only qualified teachers who hold music degrees or are currently working toward their degree and have teaching experience. Before allowing them to give private music lessons, we extensively interview the teachers and conduct careful screenings. Some private music teachers specialize in a specific age group. If you have a special request or questions, simply contact any one of our three convenient locations in the Kansas City area. Our helpful staff can assist you with choosing a private music teacher who is compatible with your child’s personality and skill level.

    How do I schedule private music lessons for my child?
    All you have to do is drop by or call your nearest Meyer Music. We handle our teachers’ music lesson scheduling, and we can let you know what openings are available and secure your child’s time slot.

    How do I get the right-sized instrument for my child’s music lessons?
    You can rent or purchase an instrument right here at Meyer Music. Stringed instruments are the only instruments that come in smaller fractional sizes. Acoustic pianos and band instruments are available in one standard size.

    How do I pay for private music lessons?
    Private music lesson fees are paid by the month, at the beginning of the month in advance. Meyer Music does not issue a monthly bill for lessons.

    Is there a minimum number of private music lessons for which I am obligated?
    Meyer Music does not require a commitment for a certain number of lessons. You can discontinue your child’s private music lessons at any time simply by notifying our staff.

    Does Meyer Music cancel private music lessons when schools are closed?
    Our lesson schedule does not follow any school district’s cancellation schedule. Meyer Music is only closed on major holidays. Our staff posts holiday notifications in the store one to two weeks prior.

    Do the private music teachers hold recitals for students?
    Meyer Music encourages all of our music teachers to involve students in recitals and other performance opportunities. Playing to an audience keeps students interested and motivated to improve their skills. We have a large recital facility at our flagship store in Blue Springs available free of charge to Meyer Music students. We can make arrangements for recital facilities at no charge at our other two locations.

    Are there other performance and competition opportunities available to private music lesson students?
    Meyer Music is a proud member of the American College of Musicians (National Piano Guild), Mid-America Music Association, and National Federation of Music Clubs. Meyer Music students are eligible for the annual competitions offered by these organizations.

    Have more questions about private music lessons at Meyer Music? We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.
    Call or visit one of our three locations.