Music Instrument Rental

Find your child’s Band or Orchestra Instrument.

Working with Kansas City area school districts, we’ve put together the best Rent-to-Own package

We are Kansas and Missouri’s music instrument rental specialists with the best packages offered anywhere in the Kansas City area. If your child is new to band or orchestra, you might not be aware that each school district has its own “recommended list” of requirements for music students. One of Meyer Music’s top priorities is to meet or exceed each district’s list on instrument quality and accessories.

If you need more information about what instrument brands or accessories your school district requires, Meyer Music is the one to call. We can answer any and all of your questions. Meyer Music has six educational representatives who talk to music teachers in area school districts every single week. Kansas City area school district music directors give us their input on what music instrument brands they prefer students use and why they feel these brands benefit students best. We’ve taken that knowledge and developed our instrument rental packages around it.

Along with the directors, we meet with area band and orchestra teachers so we have the recommended student-line instruments and accessories to start your child on a successful music journey. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to.

We make it easy and affordable to rent or own an instrument. Meyer Music has the largest variety of instruments and brands available for school music programs in the Kansas City metro area, as well as rural Kansas and Missouri schools. Rent-to-Learn and Rent-to-Own is offered on all major band and string instruments—even for performance level and advanced level instrument upgrades.

How Does Our Rental Program Work?

All of our instruments are set up on a month-to-month or Rent-to-Learn program.

You have the convenience of being able to return the instrument at any time and end your contract with no further obligation. By continuing to rent, you are also building equity towards performance level instruments available from the Soloist Program, a Meyer Music exclusive program for second year students and beyond.

What Happens If…

My child decides to discontinue playing an instrument?

Unfortunately, not every child will want to continue playing an instrument. We understand so the return process is simple: bring your instrument back to the store, make sure your payments are current, and we will remove your contract from the system. At that point, your payments stop and you are under no further obligation.

My child loves playing and wants to continue?

After the first year, your child is eligible for the Meyer Music Soloist Program, which offers performance level and advanced level instruments for dedicated students. We can show you how you can take advantage of the equity you’ve gained from your Rent-to-Learn instrument. Upgrading is easy, simply come in or call any of our three locations for pricing and more program details.

My child accidentally damages the instrument or needs minor adjustments?

We offer a service agreement as an option on your child’s instrument. For a small monthly fee, any adjustments needed and accidental damage repairs are covered at no additional charge.