The Best Rent-to-Own Packages Covering Kansas City Area School Districts

Each Kansas City area school district has a “recommended list” of requirements and supplies. We have six educational representatives who talk to music teachers every week. Plus, district music directors give us their input on what music instrument brands they prefer students use and why they feel these brands benefit students best. We take that knowledge and develop our instrument rental packages around it.

Meyer Music meets or exceeds each district’s list on instrument quality and accessories, making us your one source for your child’s needs. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to.

We carry the largest variety of instruments and brands in the Kansas City metro area, as well as rural Kansas and Missouri schools. Rent-to-Learn and Rent-to-Own is offered on all major band and string instruments—even for performance level and advanced level instrument upgrades.

Find Your School’s Recommended Band or Orchestra Instrument

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How Does Our Rental Program Work?

All of our band and string instruments are set up on a month-to-month or Rent-to-Learn program. You have the convenience of being able to return the instrument at any time and end your contract with no further obligation. Throughout the rental period, you are building equity towards a performance level instrument available from the Soloist Program, a Meyer Music exclusive program for second year students and beyond. Read other parents’ most frequently asked questions about our Rental Program. Meyer Music has the answers.

Is Your Child Ready to Take Their Talent to the Next Level?

Learn more about our Soloist Program and upgrade your child to a Performance-Level instrument. We make it easy and affordable to upgrade.

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