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Best Age to Take Piano

Apr 21, 2023

Best Age to Take Piano

What’s the Best Age for Kids to Learn Piano?

“When should my child start taking piano lessons?”  That’s a question we hear often, and the answer, like the answer to any other question involving your kid, depends upon your kid.

Many children are ready to start taking lessons from a piano teacher by age six. A few can start earlier, perhaps at age four or five. Some may need to wait a little longer.  How do you know when your child is ready to learn to play the piano?  Here are a few questions to answer:

  • Does my child have basic fine motor skills and finger strength? If your child can operate a computer keyboard, then he or she probably has the dexterity and strength to play a piano.
  • Can my child focus on one activity for a half hour? Piano lessons last 30 minutes, and home practice sessions should also be about a half hour long. If your child can engage in a puzzle or art project for 30 minutes, then he or she is ready to focus on learning piano.
  • Will my child be motivated to practice daily? Kids today have more electronic distractions than ever. Will your child be able to put away the screens and concentrate for 30 minutes every day? Learning piano, like learning a sport, requires practice. Your child’s mind and body need daily rehearsal and repetition to acquire the basic skills of playing piano.
  • Can my child listen and take direction from an adult? All learning requires patience, focus, and a willingness to be led by someone with expertise. Is your child coachable?
  • Is your child good with left, right, and counting to four? If your child has basic hand skills and the right attitude, then all he or she needs to know is how to count to four, which hand is right and which hand is left. Most simple songs are based on a 4-count, with the melody played by the right hand while accompaniment is played by the left hand.

What if my child is already older than nine?  What if I’m an adult and never studied music or played the piano?

No one is too old to learn piano.  Meyer Music offers piano lessons to people of all ages. As with learning a foreign language, there are advantages to starting in a child’s earlier years, but anyone with a positive attitude and the discipline to practice can learn piano and experience the joy of making one’s own music.

What if we don’t have a piano in our home?

Meyer Music makes it easy to rent or own a new or preowned piano.  We’ve been a family-owned-and-operated business since 1966.  The people at Meyer Music can help you find an affordable way to provide your child with a piano and the opportunity to learn how to play it.

It’s about more than the music.

Learning to play the piano can enhance children’s cognitive development, which helps them excel in school subjects from math to language arts. Children who learn to play an instrument develop overall self-confidence as they practice and improve their ability to make music. To learn more about our music instructors and lessons, click here.