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Finding Ways to Let Them Play Their Band and Orchestra Instruments

Sep 10, 2020

Finding Ways to Let Them Play Their Band and Orchestra Instruments

Here we are at the “outro” of summer break, a three-month crescendo leading up to Kansas City metro school districts’ leaders deciding whether students would return to their classrooms in person, virtually or a hybrid version of both in person and online. With local schools now either in session or will be within days, decisions are set in stone, or as much as they can be.

Many band and orchestra students playing it by ear as they wait to hear exactly how their directors will conduct classes this year. For marching band musicians, even playing at football games is a week-to-week decision, not to mention local event performances and competitions. Facing the unknowns and decisions to be made based on numbers that change daily, no doubt the uncertainty brings out the emotions—for student musicians, their band and orchestra directors, and parents.

Meyer Music was founded by Ted and Betty Meyer. They were both former educators in Kansas City schools. Today, we have Ted and Betty’s children and their children working in our three locations—three generations of Meyers who value education, music and parenthood.

Therefore, we’d be remiss not to acknowledge that we believe it’s important to find ways to let children play their instruments this year. Whether at school or at home, find ways to let them play. We know it can be done because Meyer Music has seen and supported it being done since March. We’ve collaborated with parents, local school district leaders and directors and music students all summer, sharing ideas and putting programs in place to help ensure musicians can play this school year.

Letting young musicians play their instruments and participate in band and orchestra classes and activities in any way, shape or form is critical to a child’s academic and personal growth, plus their well-being. Study after study proves that playing an instrument leads to higher academic achievement, higher science and math test scores, better physical coordination and increased ability to concentrate. And, as much as we (parents) try to shield our kids from stress, our efforts only go so far. Kids, too, are stressed about being in their classrooms in person or virtually, missing their friends and the list goes on.

We must find ways to let them play—whatever that looks like in your school district and home.

Play at School

Meyer Music has your student’s band or orchestra instrument and director-suggested or required accessories all in one place. Our selection of band and orchestra rental instruments are cleaned, sanitized and repaired. Rental instruments, both beginning and performance-level, are ready for your musicians right now at any of our three locations: Blue Springs, Kansas City North and Overland Park.

Visit our school store and locate your district and school for a complete list created by your student’s director. If your district is in person, your order can be delivered to the school. Curbside pick-up also is available.

Play Online

If parents have any doubt if online music lessons are as good as in person, look no further than The Midwestern Music Camp’s success last June. More than 1,900 students enrolled in the three-day event, free of cost thanks to generous financial support from Band of Angels , Meyer Music, Fox4 Kansas City and Yamaha Music.

More than 2,000 musicians take lessons from Meyer Music each week from our vetted, experienced instructors who teach students at every level of musicianship. To learn more about online (or in-person) music lessons, the Meyer Music location nearest you has specific information regarding teachers and their availability for scheduling private lessons.

Play At Home

Between the pandemic and cold weather coming, there will be a lot of time spent indoors this winter. Maybe your child wants to learn another instrument or explore a different music genre to keep from getting bored. When or if that is the case, Meyer Music’s locations carry a complete line of new and used band and orchestra instruments, as well as pianos, plus a selection of music from classical to rock and everything in between.

Whatever your school situation is this upcoming year, Meyer Music is here at one of our locations to support your students.