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Another School Year, Another Musical Growth Spurt

Aug 12, 2016

Another School Year, Another Musical Growth Spurt

Music Lessons Help Students’ Skills Progress
Here we are in August. Many students have already returned to school or will soon. Band and orchestra instruments cleaned, tuned and ready to take on another year in class. If your child hasn’t practiced much over the summer, they’ll be some warming up to do. If your child is showing signs of mastery, they’ll need to push themselves beyond what other students in class can handle.

Have you considered private music lessons? There are advantages to private instruction in conjunction with band or orchestra class during the school year. Skills progress at a much faster rate with private lessons, versus in a classroom with one teacher and dozens of students. The same is true for both students, those who need a little extra help and those who play above grade level. Either way, private music lessons are a great idea for several reasons.

Feel a Sense of Accomplishment

Whether a musician is just starting out or advanced in their music education, private music lessons offer the support they need to accomplish what they set their minds to, be it reading sheet music better or mastering a specific song.

Retain and Reinforce What’s Learned in the Classroom

There are studies indicating children lose much of what they learned over the previous year during summer months, and the beginning of each new school year involves reviewing past lessons. Private music instruction can aid the progress of a young student. Weekly half-hour lessons with a private teacher can provide an incentive to practice regularly, plus provide continuity in a student’s progress. The private teacher can not only reinforce what the student has learned in the classroom, but also enhance that instruction.

Ease Back-To-School Jitters

It’s quite common for students to feel nervous at the beginning of each school year. Will they like their teachers? Their classes? Will they be with their friends? And if they’re changing schools, will they know anybody or make new friends? Any activity that increases a child’s self-esteem is time well spent.

Linda Simpson, a teacher at Meyer Music for many years, explains, “The private music lesson experience creates a bond between the student and the teacher, so that the student really wants to practice, wants to return for future lessons, and wants to make the teacher and his/her parents proud of any level performance. With even the smallest success, the student gains a feeling of self-worth and self-confidence that carries over to both the music classroom and other classes, as well.

Meyer Music offers private music lessons for all of the following instruments:

Acoustic Guitar
Alto Sax
Bari Sax
Bass Clarinet
Bass Guitar
Electric Guitar
French Horn
Tenor Sax

Why Meyer Music?

More than 2,000 private music lessons are given weekly to students at the three Meyer Music locations.

Education and private music lessons for Kansas City students have been Meyer Music’s backbone since 1966. We offer more private music lessons than any music store in Kansas City. Our terrific music teachers offer private music instruction for beginners to advanced students at all three locations.

For more information about private lessons, visit our FAQ page or contact a Meyer Music’s teacher at one of our locations:
• Blue Springs: (816) 228-5656
• Kansas City North: (816) 746-0500
• Overland Park: (913) 491-6636