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How to Find the Best “Instrument Rental Near Me”

Jun 09, 2022

How to Find the Best “Instrument Rental Near Me”

Are you raising a professional musician or an adult with a life-long passion playing music? Will your budding violinist end up playing lead saxophone? Will they stick with it throughout their school years or trade music class for art class in senior year? You just never know, and kids will surprise you at every turn. But, right now, your kid wants to explore band or orchestra, and you’re searching “instrument rental near me.” Where you rent an instrument matters, and finding a music store in Kansas City that offers the right rental program, makes it convenient for parents and works with all the local school district band and orchestra directors is key.

Whether you’re a new band or orchestra parent or you’re exploring other options for renting an instrument, here are the factors to consider before choosing a program that works for you and your student.

Does the music store have a rent-to-own program?

All of our band and string instruments are set up on a Rent-to-Learn or Rent-to-Own program. This is important so you can return the instrument at any time and end your contract with no further obligation under Rent-to-Learn. With Rent-to-Own, your payments create equity toward a performance level instrument available from the Soloist Program, a Meyer Music exclusive program for second year students and beyond.

Bottom line: If you child quits music, return the instrument, and you’re done. If your child continues, your monthly payments continue until it’s paid for or they are applied to an upgraded instrument when the time comes.

Does the music store have the exact instrument your student’s music director requests?

Parents don’t have time to run from store to store, hunting down everything needed for class. And, of course, each band or orchestra director has specific recommendations and requirements for supplies and books. You want a music store that carries the right instrument for your child.

Meyer Music has educational representatives who talk to music teachers every week. Plus, district music directors share with us their input on what music instrument brands they prefer students use and why they feel these brands benefit students most. We take that information to heart and develop our instrument rental packages around it.

Bottom line: Meyer Music meets or exceeds each district’s list on instrument quality, making us your one source for your child’s needs. We’ve done the homework to save you a lot of legwork.

How does the music store upgrade your student’s instrument when the time comes?

Usually after the first year of band or orchestra, your student’s music directors will encourage your upgrading to a performance-level instrument. Upgrading to a performance-level instrument is an exciting time for a musician. That’s why we offer our Soloist Program to make it affordable, flexible and easy.

Simply bring your student and his/her/their beginner instrument to us. Then, we’ll have your student play advanced instruments side by side and choose the perfect fit. We calculate the equity you have in the beginning instrument and apply that amount to the soloist instrument. Make the first month’s payment and take the new instrument with you. You can still cancel anytime with no long-term contract or obligation.

Bottom line: With equity going toward the performance-level instrument, the flexibility to upgrade anytime and our staff’s expertise in matching your student to the perfect instrument, Meyer Music makes it easy to let talent soar.

Is the music store a one-stop shop for all accessories and repairs?

There’s peace of mind that comes from knowing your music store not only has the right instrument for you student, but also everything you can imagine you’ll need on an ongoing basis. From instrument care kits, reeds, strings, books, stands and other accessories to professional instrument repair and maintenance, Meyer Music has you covered. Even better? We carry the exact accessories your student’s music director requires or recommends. Should the band or orchestra instrument need repaired, we can handle that, too.

Bottom line: Meyer Music’s got your back, ensuring we’re the only music store you’ll ever need, no matter how old your student, how long he/she/they plays, what district you’re in or which director you have. Plus, our school store makes it easy to order and have it delivered to your student’s classroom.

Does the music store have locations for instrument rental near you?

For those times when your student comes home and needs something for band or orchestra class the next day… For those times when a repair is needed… For when you decide private music lessons are right for your student… For when you need expert advice or an opinion on upgrading to a performance-level instrument or a larger size… You want a music store you trust close to home.

Bottom line: Meyer Music has three locations: Overland Park, Blue Springs and Kansas City North. Whichever part of the KC metro you live in, we’re close by to help.

The search for the best instrument rental near you ends at Meyer Music. Have questions about what instrument brands or accessories your school district recommends? Just contact Meyer Music.