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Meyer Music’s Clarinet Rental Guide

May 27, 2021

Meyer Music’s Clarinet Rental Guide

The Best Rent-to-Own Packages for Kansas City Area School District Clarinet Players

Your child comes home from school and announces, “I want to take band and play clarinet!” You think, “Great! Now what?” It’s time to research clarinet rentals. Meyer Music works directly with many Kansas City area school district band directors so that we are sure to have exactly everything a clarinet player needs for band class. Even better, we can deliver the clarinet rental and any accessories or music books directly to your child’s classroom.

Clarinet rentals are a smart choice for both middle school band students and high school-level musicians. Younger band students might quit band or change to a different instrument. Renting a clarinet means you won’t have one you bought collecting dust in a closet years down the road. Renting a clarinet gives you an easier option to upgrade to a performance level clarinet as your child’s musicianship progresses. Also keep in mind that clarinet players are prime candidates for switching to the saxophone. Clarinet rentals can be exchanged for a saxophone any time.

How Do Our Clarinet Rental Programs Work?

Meyer Music meets or exceeds each district’s list on instrument quality and accessories, making us your one source for clarinet rentals. Rent-to-Learn and Rent-to-Own is offered for performance level and advanced level instrument upgrades.

All our clarinets are set up on a month-to-month or Rent-to-Learn basis. However, you can return the instrument at any time and end your contract with no further obligation.

Meyer Music makes the whole process easy:

  • The flexibility to pay month to month
  • 100% of your net payments apply toward purchase
  • Choose store pickup or school delivery
  • New and like-new instruments available
  • Maintenance and replacement protection available
  • Instrument switching and step-up program
  • Full return options

Visit our Rental page to get started!

Here are a Few Interesting Things to Know Before Renting a Clarinet

Clarinets are very affordable compared to some other band instruments. A beginner’s clarinet that is well made will last for years and requires little maintenance costs. Higher end clarinets, performance instruments, are more expensive, like any other any band instrument. Clarinet rentals make it even more affordable compared to buying outright.

The clarinet is a great instrument for new band students who’ve never played any instrument before. Clarinets are considered easy to learn and easier to handle (both the instrument and the case size). If your child is the type who needs to experience progress quick to remain interested, the clarinet is good choice.

The clarinet is a popular instrument for school band students. That means your student will have lots of support, from both the director and fellow clarinet players.

There is more than one type of clarinet. There’s the bass clarinet, a go-to in wind ensemble and larger bands. There’s also the contralto clarinet played in most high school band rooms. Your child will learn about the different types in class, and the band director can guide you to the type for your child.

Clarinet players build excellent hand, mouth, eye and ear coordination. Playing the clarinet or any musical instrument, improves coordination and motor skills that also translate to other life skills.

The clarinet is pretty easy to care for. Players should clean their clarinets between uses to keep the moisture from ruining the pads in the keys. Pulling a swab through each section of the clarinet will remove debris from eating and drinking before or during playing the clarinet. Remove the reed and keep it stored in its plastic case to avoid splits and chips. The clarinet should be taken apart, cleaned and stored in its case to keep it safe if not being played on a regular basis.

The clarinet is a sturdy instrument, well suited for younger musicians. Players should be careful with the key since they are fragile. Banging or dropping a clarinet can damage a key or keys. When assembling the clarinet, ensure the keys are correctly placed around the joint so they won’t bend. Other than that, clarinets hold up well to student use.

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