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Ming JZ Handcrafted String Instruments Available At Meyer Music

May 05, 2014

We’re honored to add Ming JZ violins and violas from highly acclaimed Zhu Ming-Jiang to our stringed instrument selection. Ming JZ handcrafted string instruments are some of the highest-quality instruments available in the world today.

Zhu opened his own violin workshop in 1991. He has since won many awards, including a gold medal from the prestigious Violin Society of America. A Time magazine article explains that this medal is the “highest accolade for an instrument sculpted by hand in the tradition of Italian masters of the 17th century, the great age of violin makers.” The article went on to state that Zhu is “producing a contemporary equivalent to the famed Stradivarius.”

A famous violinist commented in the article, “His instruments have that rare pitch that is both haunting and inspiring at the same time.” Edward C. Campbell, an award-winning violin maker in the United States said, “Zhu is in the top 5%.”

Zhu personally creates only about ten handcrafted instruments per year. His student apprentices, who have studied under Zhu’s guidance, produce additional instruments so violinists around the world can experience the exceptional quality of tone of these uniquely crafted instruments.

Jennifer Tousley, a violin teacher at our Overland Park location, is the first to purchase one of our Ming JZ instruments. What is her impression so far? Jennifer says, “This violin performs up there with the best of them with its bright, rich tonal quality. Match this with the new pi strings and you’ve got an instrument that is sure to impress.”

For more information about our Ming JZ instruments, advanced strings players can contact any of the three Meyer Music locations.