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The Music Doesn’t Stop for Band and Orchestra Students This Fall

Jul 28, 2020

The Music Doesn’t Stop for Band and Orchestra Students This Fall

As you well know, school districts across the Kansas City metro area have released their “Return to School” plans. Also, as you well know, these plans are subject to change with many district superintendents already announcing revisions. Depending on the district your band or orchestra musician attends, you have in-person, virtual and hybrid options from which to choose when schools open this fall.

Many of us at Meyer Music are parents, too. We understand the emotions and uncertainty all parents are dealing with on a daily basis as we navigate school districts’ learning options, verifying whether what we read online from other parents and sources is factual, and making the right decision for our families and children.

Another group that is in planning mode are teachers who are waiting for final word on whether they will be teaching virtually, in the classroom or both. The unknown makes planning particularly tricky for band and orchestra directors. Band and orchestra classes have more students in one classroom, making it harder to socially distance. From daily classes and performances to competitions, everything is subject to change and cancellation.

We’re talking to local band and orchestra directors at both the middle and high school levels. Though many are making changes and modifications to their classes on the fly as they receive information, all of them are doing their best to make the 2020-21 school year a meaningful one for their band and orchestra students.

Rest Assured the Meyer Music Team is Right Here with You and Your Child’s Band or Orchestra Director

Like other parents, district officials and administrators, teachers and band and orchestra directors, the Meyer Music staff has spent all summer planning how to best support students this fall, whatever district officials in our area decide to do and when to do it. More importantly, we’re here to support parents whether you choose online instruction or in-person instruction.

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Our staff has developed a plan to ensure the music doesn’t stop for band and orchestra students this fall because music never stops. Whether at school or at home, band and orchestra students should never have to stop playing, even if their district officials cut music classes from their curriculum for now.

Should band and orchestra courses not be available at school or via an online option, Meyer Music is continuing to offer virtual and in-person lessons for students. More than 2,000 students a week choose Meyer Music for music lessons. No music store in the Kansas City area offers more music lessons than we do, and our vetted, quality instructors work with students ranging from beginning to advanced skill levels.

Now more than ever, we need to hear the sounds of children playing music in Kansas City. Music lessons make a difference in quality of life and learning, and playing an instrument is a known stress reliever. Regardless of whether attending school in person or online, students will face a new reality this year. Taking private music lessons from Meyer Music impacts far more than musical talent. The skills acquired by learning to play an instrument have a positive effect on school performance and lasts well into adulthood.

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Virtual or in-person music lessons are proven to:

  • Help students excel in school and score higher on math and science tests
  • Boost self-confidence due to the commitment, dedication and hard work required to improve playing
  • Improve physical coordination, especially hand-eye
  • Increase concentration
  • Promote a lifetime of exploration and open-mindedness

Should your band or orchestra student need an instrument or accessories, Meyer Music has them all in one place. Like always, our band and orchestra rental instruments have been cleaned, sanitized and repaired. Rental instruments, both beginning and performance-level, are ready for your musicians right now at any of our three locations: Blue Springs, Kansas City North and Overland Park.

Along with online ordering, we’ve added delivery and curb side pickup to make getting what you need safe and convenient. Our stores are open, but are following local mandates on masks and any future business closures.

Wherever your band or orchestra student plays or where they play this fall, we’ve got you covered. Find Meyer Music at your school, online or at one of our locations near you. Even now, the music doesn’t stop for students at Meyer Music.