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Notes For Parents Of Beginning Piano Students

Dec 11, 2013

Have A Beginner? Digital Pianos May Work.

For many years, piano teachers recommended that their students learn to play on an acoustic piano only, rather than an electronic/digital piano. 

Although most teachers still prefer an acoustic, many have added digital pianos to their instruction, due to the improved quality of digital instruments.

According to Linda Simpson, a private piano instructor for almost 40 years, “this position has changed, now that digital keyboards are well balanced with 88-weighted keys that are touch sensitive. We refer to these new models has being purist digital, a designation which validates the quality of digital pianos as appropriate instruments for both beginning and advanced  students.”

Mrs. Simpson goes on to say, “most teachers now have digital pianos in their teaching studios, so the students become adjusted to playing a digital. Also, another advantage of a digital piano is that it never has to be tuned!”

Regardless of the type of piano the student uses, it is always advisable for parents to engage a trained instructor. Mrs. Simpson also reminds parents and students, “Practice, practice, practice . . . this is always critical to the student’s success.”

Is It Time To Trade Up For A New Piano?

Once your beginner progresses, it may be time to trade up. Although few music dealers actually buy used pianos or other instruments, many piano dealers will accept a trade-in of  a used piano when the customer is buying a new piano.

At Meyer Music, the customer is invited to consider trading in a used piano if he/she is planning to purchase a new piano. Betty Meyer, co-owner of Meyer Music, commented that she is always happy to work with a customer who has a trade-in piano, in order to better facilitate the customer’s purchase of a new piano. As a result of these transactions, Mrs. Meyer went on to say that “because of this trade-in policy, we generally have a nice selection of affordable used pianos available which are great values for both individuals and families.”

Private piano lessons are available at all three of our Meyer Music locations: Blue Springs, Kansas City North, and Overland Park, KS.