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Take advantage of our convenient and affordable Rent-to-Learn or Rent-to-Own orchestra instrument packages

When your orchestra student needs a quality beginning student school orchestra instrument, performance level upgrade instrument or progresses to an advanced level upgrade, turn to Meyer Music for the widest selection. Our exceptional Rent-to-Learn program for orchestra students is a reasonably priced solution for parents. While our Rent-to-Own for the performance and artist series make getting a fine orchestra instrument easy and affordable for students and performers of all levels.

If your student is a beginning orchestra instrument player, Meyer Music’s Rent-to-Own packages are a favorite among Kansas City parents. We have six educational representatives that are in constant contact with Kansas City area school district orchestra directors. Since each school district has a “recommended list” of requirements for orchestra students, we carefully design our Rent-to-Own packages to meet or exceed quality orchestra instruments and accessories recommendations.

Meyer Music is honored to carry our custom line of Giuseppe orchestra strings. This custom-made line is handcrafted by artisans dedicated to creating wonderful musical instruments—works of art that can be played for generations. We’re also home to a wide selection of Codabow performance level bows.

Have questions about what orchestra instrument brands or accessories your school district recommends? Just contact Meyer Music. Our staff can answer all of your questions regardless of what district your child attends.

Find your child’s school district’s exact list of requirements and recommendations

Our education representatives work with many Kansas City area school districts. The districts’ music directors created the Meyer Music School Stores. See the exact list of items they want your child to have for class and know you’re getting the right orchestra instrument.

It’s easy! Start by choosing your instrument, then select your school. The items that your director has selected for their school store are displayed. We take out the guesswork and even deliver it directly to the school music director—FREE!

Have questions about what instrument brands or accessories your school district recommends? Just contact Meyer Music.

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