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The Benefits of Piano Lessons Make Them the Perfect Fit for Just About Any Child

Jan 11, 2023

The Benefits of Piano Lessons Make Them the Perfect Fit for Just About Any Child

Maybe it was the touch of the keys on the baby grand piano in a hotel lobby, stumbling upon Jacob’s Melodies on YouTube, or your budding musician has started to air play the keys to Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer.” Whatever the moment was, you’ve realized piano lessons might be a great fit for your child.

Not only will your child satisfy a natural curiosity for playing the piano, but also the experience of learning to play has many other benefits.

  1. Improved Coordination

Playing piano teaches rhythm and increases hand-eye coordination and hand-foot coordination. It requires using of both hands and feet. All of which can help with overall coordination and dexterity.

  1. Increased Focus and Concentration

Go analog. Video games, TV, tablets and other screens may claim to increase focus, but a more pragmatic (and still essential) approach remains analog. Learning to play the piano requires focus and concentration, which can help improve non-screen life skills. In fact, a study in Psychology Today found that students who learned to play a musical instrument scored significantly higher than their peers in English, mathematics and science—sometimes a grade level ahead.

  1. Enhanced Memory

Include a piano break when studying for tests. Piano playing involves reading sheet music and remembering finger placement, which can help improve memory and cognitive function. Specifically, scientists have found that playing a musical instrument enhances verbal memory, making it easier for your child to recall or learn new words.

  1. Stress Relief

Playing the piano can be a therapeutic and relaxing activity that helps reduce stress and improve overall well-being. Music has been shown to reduce blood pressure and may teach your child some good stress coping mechanisms that will last a lifetime. Some studies have found that playing the piano reduces stress and anxiety more than other types of creative activities.

  1. Cultural Enrichment

The piano is a cornerstone of classical music, jazz, pop and other music genres. Endear your child to the arts and get them started on a lifelong appreciation for artistic expression. Albert Einstein, Clint Eastwood and Frank Lloyd Wright are just few famous people who learned to play the piano.

  1. Increased Self-Esteem

Adding a new craft skill can have its own rewards. Learning to play the piano can be a confidence-boosting experience, which has been shown to improve self-esteem.

  1. Socialization

From recitals to concerts in living rooms and center stage, taking piano lessons can be a great way to meet new people and socialize with others who share a love of music.

Finding Piano Lessons in Kansas City

You’ll find the most skilled teachers for piano lessons in Kansas City at Meyer Music, Kansas City’s piano experts. Meyer Music has a staff of trained pianists ready to take on new students. Our teachers are vetted professionals who have degrees in music, are working towards their music degree or who have teaching experience. With our staff of trained educators, we can match the right piano teacher with your child’s personality and skill level. Not to mention provide the one-on-one attention that YouTube cannot.

Should You Buy or Rent a Piano to Get Started?

Want to start small? Meyer Music has a preowned piano division designed to help make practicing piano at home easy and affordable. If and when the time comes to buy a piano, the experts at Meyer Music are ready to help you choose a new or pre-owned piano that has been tuned, vetted and well-maintained.

Contact us today to get started with piano lessons.