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Piano Rentals in Kansas City Made Easy

Jan 11, 2023

Piano Rentals in Kansas City Made Easy

Your child has asked you for a piano. Not the keyboard they’ve been playing with for the past few months—but a real piano. While your head may be spinning, the fact your child is interested in learning the piano is a marvelous thing. There are so many benefits to learning how to play the piano such as higher self-esteem, better focus and concentration, heightened memory and dexterity—even an increase in test scores.

Pianos vs. a Keyboard

While a keyboard may seem financially prudent, there’s truth in the need for a budding pianist to get a feel for the real thing. Aside from the higher-quality materials, pianos tend to have heavier keys and a deeper sound that cheap keyboards or pianos cannot replicate. This often has to do with the action or the responsiveness of the keys when they are pressed down. When a key is played, it causes the action frame to move the hammers, which strike the string.

A real piano has a range of sound and volume that is more dynamic—triggered by movement and pressure rather than nobs and settings, creating beautiful depth that cannot be replicated with sound effects. The natural materials and weight add to the substance of the sound which cannot easily be duplicated with the artificial and synthetic nature of a keyboard.

Another difference is that real pianos have over 88 keys while standard keyboards have only 66. Therefore, with these differences, and more, a keyboard may affect a child’s form and style when playing. There’s simply no comparison to the real thing.

When to Rent a Piano

Ready to invest in the real thing, you head off to a piano showroom, only to find a series of shiny models and giant price tags. And, how do you move it into your home?

While pianos are superior in tone, form, and key quantity, a hurdle to owning one is cost. With high-end finishes and complex craftsmanship, a piano is a large investment. What many don’t realize is that there are other options.

For example, one of the premier piano rental programs in Kansas City can be found at Meyer Music. Great for budding pianists, Meyer Music’s piano rental program ensures students can quickly receive a fine-tuned instrument, and parents don’t have to worry about shouldering the cost to purchase a piano all at once. With Meyer Music’s reputation for quality, your child is sure to receive a vetted and well-tuned instrument for as long (or as little) as you need.

Aside from affordability, Meyer Music’s Kansas City piano rentals also offer flexibility. With a rental, you can upgrade or switch models as your pianist grows in skill, or you can return it when your child’s piano journey is over. With a piano rental, you don’t have to commit to a piano style, finish or brand. With greater flexibility you can support your pianist’s dreams without the stress of a greater financial commitment— buying you time to test models, or decide what is the best choice for you and your family.

This flexibility also means no long-term commitment. With Meyer Music’s Kansas City piano rentals, your child can try out the piano without paying for it in full or committing to a long-term purchase for a piano your child may want an upgrade for in time. This is especially helpful if you move or if your child decides to give up piano as Meyer has an easy return process.

Meyer Music makes piano renting in Kansas City easy. We handle delivery and setup. Plus, our team of experts will ensure your piano is finely tuned and ready for your pianist.

Interested in Piano Lessons?

Interested in piano lessons? Meyer Music has a staff of highly trained educators who can meet your child’s need so that their learning experience is catered to their needs and personality. Each instructor has been thoroughly vetted and screened and can cater any age group or skill level.

Learn more about Meyer Music’s preowned piano division or our staff of piano instructors. Simply visit one of our three locations in North Kansas City, Blue Springs or Overland Park. Contact us today.