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Private Lessons Supplement

Sep 03, 2021

Private Lessons Supplement

Why band and orchestra parents should consider private music lessons

When your child plays in the school band or orchestra, back-to-school time is even more of a frenzy than usual. For beginning students, there are instruments to buy or rent, materials to purchase, music teachers to meet and a performance schedule to follow. Not to mention, encouraging your kid to practice and supporting a love for playing and being open to changing instruments until a great fit is found. For older students who’ve “settled in” with their instruments, there are performances to attend, competitions to prepare for and even opportunities for scholarships to consider. Having a student at any age in band or orchestra requires time and effort on both your parts.

So, when the question comes up about taking private lessons in addition to band or orchestra class, parents have good reason to wonder whether lessons are worth it, if their child will have time, if anything different will be taught than what’s covered in school and if the kids taking lessons have an advantage over those who don’t. These are all valid questions and common concerns. You’d be hard pressed to find a music teacher who hasn’t been asked and answered these questions.

It might seem obvious that a music store that offers private music lessons would highly recommend enrolling your child in them. You’re right; we most certainly do, but not for the reasons you may think. Remember, Meyer Music has been serving band and orchestra students from school districts across the KC metro since 1966, and our vetted, private music instructors give more than 2,000 music lessons each week. In fact, our founders, Ted and Betty Meyer, were both educators in Kansas City schools before opening Meyer Music, so education is in our heritage. But more importantly, we are out in the schools every day, talking to band and orchestra teachers to ensure we’re supporting their programs and students the best we can. Offering private music lessons is one of the most important ways we do that.

Private Music Lessons Give Your Child An Opportunity to Master The Instrument

Even if your child already plays in the school band or orchestra, enrolling him or her in private music lessons makes sense and gives your child an opportunity to truly master the instrument.

How so?

For Beginning or Middle School Musicians:

Band and orchestra teachers across the KC Metro have large class sizes, making it difficult, if not impossible to give one-on-one attention to every student. A private music instructor can ensure beginning musicians use correct techniques, avoiding any bad habits from forming that would hinder progress later.

Learning to play an instrument is a new experience for most students, and often can bring on feelings of frustration. The individual attention students receive during private lessons can make the difference between your child quitting the band or orchestra and staying with music throughout school (and usually a lifetime).

Music directors are not experts in every band and orchestra instrument. Private music lesson instructors are masters of their chosen instrument and gives your student in-depth lessons on the parts, mechanics and nuances of the instrument, as well as how to best care for and maintain them.  Interested? Take a look at some of our private music teacher who specialize in teaching beginner students in Overland Park, Blue Springs and Kansas City North.

For High School Musicians

Of course, in high school the music becomes harder and classes practice as a group and in sections. Students are expected to master their individual parts, which even with practicing at home, can be difficult. Private music instructors are happy to use the music from school and help your student perfect his or her part. Not only does help your student nail the part faster, but also makes him or her stand out.

Standing out in high school band or orchestra is important if your kid has eyes on first chair, state competition performances (solo or group) or auditioning for college programs or bands or orchestras. While the high school director has a responsibility to teach the group, a private teacher can help your student master the intricacies of specific pieces and develop a personal, unique playing style.

High school music programs can include jazz bands, ensembles and such in addition to band or orchestra class; however, these extra opportunities are still teacher-guided. Playing an instrument can be a passion that lasts a lifetime, and there are many benefits associated with that. By taking private lessons, your kid has a chance to explore genres and styles not introduced in the classroom, which can only deepen their passion for music. .  Interested? Take a look at some of our private music teacher who work with intermediate and advanced students in Overland Park, Blue Springs and Kansas City North.

About Meyer Music’s Private Instructors

The Meyer Music family only hires qualified teachers who hold music degrees or are currently working toward their degree and have teaching experience. We extensively interview the teachers and conduct careful screenings before they join our team. Some private music teachers specialize in a specific age group. If you have a special request or questions, simply contact any one of our three convenient locations in the Kansas City area. Our helpful staff can assist you with choosing a private music teacher who is compatible with your child’s personality and skill level. Get to know our vetted professionals.