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Private Music Lessons: Frequently Asked Questions

Aug 29, 2022

Private Music Lessons: Frequently Asked Questions


If your child has expressed an interest in learning to play a musical instrument or if your child is already enrolled in a school music program and needs more one-on-one instruction, enrolling them in private lessons is the best thing to do to help them excel. Below are frequently asked questions about enrolling in private music lessons.

When should I enroll my child in private music lessons?

There is no “right” age to begin taking music lessons. Children mature at their own speed. But, there are signs that indicate they might be ready, including showing an interest in learning an instrument, having a good attention span, and being big enough to properly and comfortably hold an instrument.

As a rule of thumb, piano and strings/orchestra teachers recommend private music lessons at age 6 or 7. There have been students enrolled as young as 3, but heavy parental involvement is needed, and the teacher might require the parent to take lessons with the child.

Since wind and brass instruments are introduced in band at middle school level, children ages 11 and 12 start music lessons at that point.

How do I choose the right teacher for my child?

We stress the importance of choosing a teacher who has a music degree or is actively earning a degree and has experience teaching children. At Meyer Music, we only hire teachers who meet that criteria. We use our 50-plus years of experience to determine if the candidate will fit with our culture and students. And, we conduct screenings prior to hiring any teacher to work with students.

Personality, along with the above qualifications, are important. Like all teachers, some prefer teaching certain age groups. It’s common for parents to request a teacher who’s been personally recommended. If you don’t have a teacher in mind, our staff can help match one of our instructors to your child’s personality and skill level. Ultimately, all of our instructors are respected for their teaching abilities, encouraging young players to succeed, and inspiring a passion for music.

How do I schedule private lessons for my child?

Since Meyer Music handles all the scheduling for our teachers, all you have to do is call or drop by your preferred store and talk to our staff. We’re able to see each teacher’s schedule, and can let you know what’s available, as well as set your child’s appointment.

Private music lessons are not canceled due to school closures, nor do they follow a school district’s calendar. Meyer Music is closed for major holidays and our staff posts announcements weeks before.

How will my child showcase their performance skills and improvement?

Music recitals are an opportunity for students to showcase their performance skills, as well as give them a goal to work toward. The Meyer family believes that recitals and other performance opportunities are so important to keep students motivated, that we have a large recital space at our Blue Springs location. This space is available at no cost to our private music lesson students. Recital facilities also are available at our Overland Park and Kansas City North stores.

Thanks to Meyer Music’s membership in the American College of Musicians (National Piano Guild), Mid-America Music Association, and National Federation of Music Clubs, our private music lesson students are eligible to participate in the annual competitions these organizations host.

Music education and private lessons have been Meyer Music’s backbone since 1966. Our trusted music teachers offer private music lessons for children and adults at every playing level and for 23 different instruments. We encourage you to give us a call at any of our locations to ask questions or to schedule lessons.