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Reasons to Consider Playing the Flute

Oct 04, 2022

Reasons to Consider Playing the Flute

Are you new to music? A seasoned veteran? Looking for guidance on what instrument you should play? Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a beginner, choosing the right instrument for you is important. You should consider sound, the type of music you like to listen to as well as how the instrument can fit into your practice habits. If you are looking for a small, versatile instrument that is easy to take anywhere, the flute may be a good choice for you!

The flute is one of the most versatile instruments

The flute is small and easy to carry. Take it to a friend’s house, on a road trip or just back and forth from your school to home. You’ll never have an excuse for not being able to practice because it’s so easy to take anywhere.

The flute can accompany a variety of different instruments and genres

In addition to being small and easy to carry, the flute can be played alone, or with nearly any other instrument. Flutes are often played in jazz bands with guitars, in classical performances alongside pianos or in harmony with other flutes or woodwind instruments. The flute can be taken to any jam session, and work with any sound. Whether it’s rock and roll, classical, jazz, pop, or any other genre the flute can be used to garnish and lead a song.

Playing the flute helps build confidence

Learning to play the flute is a way to build confidence and satisfaction in your life. And you don’t need to be alone when learning. Meyer Music’s vetted music teachers can work with beginning students and those with experience. It may take some time and practice, but that will make it all the more rewarding, and Meyer Music is here to help students learn and progress to the next level.

Playing the flute can be a stepping stone to other instruments

The flute is an instrument that can be mastered and used as a stepping stone for learning to play other instruments. The flute is simple in the fact that only one note can be played at a time. This allows beginners to play great-sounding songs, in a short amount of time. More complex instruments such as the piano play multiple notes simultaneously. Because the flute is a melody instrument, musicians will be able to focus on one note at a time. Musicians can focus on:

  • Tone, note clarity and sound quality
  • Beat and rhythm
  • Music theory

Playing the flute is good for your health

Learning how to play the flute involves your whole body. You must practice good posture to be able to play well. You also need to have strong lungs for breathing in and out regularly as you play. This involves posture and core strength. Playing the flute also requires finger dexterity and breathing coordination.

Playing the flute helps with discipline

Improving discipline and concentration is another huge benefit of playing the flute. Learning to master the flute takes time, dedication, humility and a willingness to improve. From music theory to playing, learning to play the flute is a fun way to enjoy music and develop discipline and concentration.

If you are considering playing the flute, talk to one of our music specialists at Meyer Music. Our team is skilled in helping people find the right instrument for them. In addition, we have flutes designed for beginners as well as flutes that are suited for experienced musicians. Come and talk to us, and we can help you choose the right instrument for you.