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Your Guide to Renting a Trombone

May 27, 2021

Your Guide to Renting a Trombone

The Best Rent-to-Own Packages for Trombone Players in Kansas City Area School Districts  

Sing along now… “Seventy-six trombones led the big parade…” It’s one of the most popular song lyrics from “The Music Man” musical. If your child decides to take up the trombone, you’re in for a treat. Yes, trombones are loud, but they’re also a very popular instrument. We know, not just because of the famous song lyrics, but rather because we rent hundreds of trombones every year to Kansas City area middle and high school trombone players. If your child is wanting to play the trombone in band this year, consider renting one. Meyer Music has put together guidance below for renting your child's instrument.

The Advantages of Trombone Rental

No matter how excited your child is to play trombone in the moment, the fact remains that kids tend to change their minds. Whether your student decides to follow a pursuit other than band or play another instrument, renting a trombone means you won’t be stuck with it collecting dust or trying to sell it.

Renting a trombone works in your favor should your child stick with it. Over time, musicianship improves. When your student advances, renting gives you the option of exchanging a beginner trombone for a performance-level one.

Three Reasons Parents Choose Meyer Music’s Rent-to Own Trombone Package

  1. Meyer Music meets or exceeds each district’s list on instrument quality and accessories, making us your one source for clarinet rentals. Rent-to-Learn and Rent-to-Own is offered for performance level and advanced level instrument upgrades.
  2. All our clarinets are set up on a month-to-month or Rent-to-Learn basis. However, you can return the instrument at any time and end your contract with no further obligation.
  3. Meyer Music staff is in constant contact with Kansas City area school district band directors. They keep us up to date on what their trombonists need to be prepared to succeed in class and during practice time at home. Trombone rental packages ensures your child has all the recommended and required supplies and we deliver directly to the classroom, saving you time.

Other benefits of Meyer Music’s trombone rental packages include:

  • Month-to-month payment flexibility
  • 100% of net trombone rental payments apply toward instrument purchase
  • Your choice of store pickup or school delivery
  • New and like-new trombones available for rent
  • Protect the trombone with optional maintenance and replacement agreements
  • Trombone trade-in and step-up programs to meet your child’s needs
  • Return your rental trombone any time

Visit our Rental page to get your student started off right playing trombone.

Why is the Trombone Such a Popular Band Instrument?

Loud and proud! Ask any band director about their trombone section. Off the record, they might admit the trombone section is their favorite. Sure, they have to tell them from time to time to back off on their sound, but trombone players are loud and proud, thus a background of the band.

Fewer parts means less chance of breakage. The trombone’s design is simple, made up of nine feet of brass tubing and a mouthpiece. Playing is as simple as moving the slide. Since there are no keys, reeds, valves and such, there is far less chance of something breaking.

The trombone’s simpler design makes it more affordable. Of course, there are very expensive trombones on the market. But your student isn’t touring with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band quite yet. There are many beginner-level trombones available that are made to last through your student’s school band years. Renting a beginner-level trombone and upgrading as needed, makes playing in the band even more affordable for parents.

It’s good for a student’s physical health. Playing trombone is a workout, especially if your student participates in marching band. Producing a deep, full sound requires serious lung capacity, which is the most important skill when learning to play any wind or brass instrument. It also takes being able to control breathing, so strong core muscles are essential. Better breathing techniques lead to better posture, again working those core muscles.

The trombone has only a few positions to learn. Seven positions to be exact. Learning them is a matter of practice and muscle memory, which many students find easier than other band instruments.

Playing trombone doesn’t have to end at high school or college graduation. Playing an instrument is something your student will carry with him or her for a lifetime. You can read about the life-long benefits. However, compared to say French horn or oboe players, trombonists have many opportunities to remain actively playing throughout adulthood. Trombones fit right in with jazz groups, big bands, funk bands, pop bands and even rock and country bands.

Ready to rent a trombone from Meyer Music? Let’s get started.