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Looking for the Best Summer Activities for Kids? Sign Up for Summer Music Lessons with Meyer Music

Apr 08, 2022

Looking for the Best Summer Activities for Kids? Sign Up for Summer Music Lessons with Meyer Music

If you’ve been considering enrolling your child in private music lessons, summer is a great time to sign up for several reasons.

For students starting band or orchestra next school year, a few months of private lessons will only help get them started off on the right foot. For those who are continuing taking music class, summer is a time for making improvements in their skills, especially if they plan to audition for first chair or section leader.

Not to mention that summer time is far less hectic for students who are involved in additional activities during the school year, giving them more free time to focus on playing and practicing what they learn during their private music lessons.

Summer Music Lessons Help Keep Students Ready for the Year Ahead

There is a reason why teachers devote the first few weeks of a new school year to reviewing material from the previous year. That’s because students forget what they’ve learned over the summer and refreshing their memories set them up for success in learning new material. This is as applicable to band or orchestra as it is to math and science.

Taking music lessons in the summer not only keeps students from forgetting what they learned last year, but also gives them the chance to improve their skills with one-on-one instruction and personalized feedback. Band and orchestra directors teach hundreds of students throughout the course of a day, so it’s difficult, if not impossible, for them to offer individual attention.

The Difference Music Lessons Can Make for Elementary or Middle School Students

The early years of learning to play a band or orchestra instrument, though exciting, can also lead to frustration. Students are learning so much—from how to hold and play the instrument to reading music—in a short amount of time. Taking music lessons over the summer helps eliminate frustration and build confidence. Both of which makes music a far more enjoyable experience, so students are more likely to stick with it.

Since private music teachers specialize in their students’ instruments, they can watch for and correct any bad habits early on. Caring for and knowing the instrument’s ins and out are important for any musician. Beyond musicianship, a private instructor ensures students understands the parts, mechanics and nuances of the instrument, as well as how to best care for and maintain it. This can save parents a lot of time and hassle down the road in terms of their kid taking care of their instrument.

The Difference Music Lessons Can Make for High School Musicians

High school band and orchestra directors expect students to master their individual parts of more difficult music. Even with hours of practice at home, students can struggle. Our music instructors are happy to use the music students are learning at school. Especially for high school band, many directors choose the music for the next school year in the summer time. This can give students a jumpstart on the coming year and also help them stand out in class and competitions.

Mastering their instrument and music in high school band or orchestra is important if for students who intend on playing first chair, in state competition performances (solo or group) or auditioning for college programs or bands or orchestras. During summer music lessons, the instructor can help students learn the intricacies of specific pieces and develop a signature playing style.

High school band and orchestra programs cover a variety of music genres. Yet, musicians this age love to explore genres and styles not found in the classroom. Maybe they want to try rhythm and blues or rockabilly or country, etc. Trying new genres that the student chooses can only fuel a life-long passion for music well beyond the school years.

Choose the Perfect Summer Music Lesson Instructor

More than 2,000 students take music lessons at Meyer Music every week. Take a look at some of our private music teachers who work with intermediate and advanced students of all ages at one of our three Kansas City locations: Blue Springs, Kansas City North or Overland Park. Or contact us for additional information.

Each one is a vetted and qualified teacher who holds a music degree or is currently working toward one and has teaching experience.