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The Many “C’s” Of Piano Lessons

Dec 11, 2013

Concentration, coordination, correctness, confidence, creativity, capability, competence:

All are traits developed by piano students as they travel their musical journey to reach full potential and achieve many rewards as pianists, whatever their ages.

Younger students can learn many things beyond making music as they pursue music education; “ they begin to learn discipline, concentration, and hand-eye coordination, as well as rhythmic skills and the importance of staying with a task,” writes Cynthia Briggs, a clinical psychologist and music therapist. The correctness required for these students’ performance at their weekly private lessons, and especially for student recitals, can carry over into all other areas of learning.

Harold Smith of the National Piano Foundation comments on the  “power of piano lessons” by focusing on capability: “Capability is an enviable trait to have. It suggests mastery, aptitude, know-how, and competence. Individuals who are capable are able to solve problems and get things done.” Mr. Smith continues that learning piano plays a vital role in a student’s growth --- students “learn the meaning of persistence, diligence, and achievement which, in turn, help students become capable of meeting almost any goal they set for themselves.”

As piano students become more proficient in their skills, they can allow themselves to become more creative in their approaches to the music, thus releasing the “power” of their instruction, aided by regular and diligent practice. “The private music lesson experience creates a bond between the student and the teacher, and with even the smallest success, the student gains a feeling of self-worth and a confidence that carries over to both the music classroom and other classes, as well,” said Linda Simpson, a private instructor at Meyer Music for many years.

“Music Education is the foundation upon which Meyer Music is built, just as piano lessons provide a foundation for students’ future music endeavors. The skills learned are easily transferred not only to other musical instruments but also to many other learning experiences, regardless of the field of study,” remarked Betty Meyer, a career teacher of piano and beginning band, as well as the co-owner of Meyer Music.

Parents and students that are interested in learning more about the power of piano lessons are invited to contact Betty Meyer at the Blue Springs location (816-228-5656) for additional information. Private piano instructors, who are talented and well-qualified teachers, are available at all three of our Meyer Music locations: Blue Springs, Kansas City (816-746-0500) and Overland Park (913-491-6636.)

More than 2000  private piano lessons are currently given weekly to students at the three Meyer Music locations. Please contact the Meyer Music closest to you for specific information regarding teachers and their availability for scheduling additional private lessons.