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Rent To Learn Instrument Rental – Band and Orchestra

Aug 12, 2013

The Rent to Learn program at Meyer Music is offered for all major band and orchestra instruments. This program allows music students the option to select an instrument for beginning band or orchestra without the parents having to actually purchase the instrument at the beginning of the school year. Instead, parents may rent the instrument on a monthly basis, and may return it at any time, should the student decide not to continue in music. This is a major advantage for parents who may also incur numerous other expenses for the student prior to the opening of school.

Meyer Music also carries a full line of music books and music instrument accessories prescribed by the teachers in each school district throughout the greater metro area, in both Missouri and Kansas, as well as in many other area school districts in both states. When a student rents an instrument from Meyer Music, the staff will have lists of what that student’s teacher has recommended be purchased, so that each student in the class will have the appropriate music book, etc. With each rental, Meyer Music also lends the student, free of charge, a music stand to be used for practice at home. An optional Service Repair Agreement, which covers all repairable damage to the instrument, is available and paid in addition to the monthly rental fee; however, this fee does not cover loss, fire, or theft. A personalized laminated student nametag for the instrument case is also made available for only $1 with each instrument rented.

Parents and students are provided several options to make the Rent to Learn program easily accessible. They may:

  1. Come to any of the three Meyer Music locations to complete the rental process.
  2. Complete the rental application online at the Meyer Music website and may choose to have the instrument delivered for free to the student’s school by one of our Educational Representatives.
  3. Attend the special instrument information/rental night, if one is held in the student’s school district.
  4. In locations where available, rent via the Meyer Music Express set up in some area Price Chopper stores.

The major goal at Meyer Music is to provide quality music instruments for students, while minimizing the financial impact on the parents. The Rent to Learn program fulfills that goal with an easy-to-understand rental agreement, which is facilitated by efficient Meyer Music staff members so that parents may complete the process in a brief amount of time.

Parents are invited to contact Meyer Music at one of these three locations for additional information/rental requirements:

  • Blue Springs (816) 228-5656
  • Kansas City North (816) 746-0500
  • Overland Park (913) 491-6636