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Many Instruments Donated to Band of Angels have a Special “Melody”

Mighty Melody and her father, Kaleb, continue a family legacy with a touching Band of Angels donation. Band of Angels was founded in 2010 as a partnership with WDAF-TV Fox 4. Its mission is to collect music instruments and help fund the purchase of music instruments for children in need who want to study music, but whose family financial situations, unfortunately, get in the way of their dreams to join band or orchestra. (more…)

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Music Camp 101

Tips for Surviving (and Enjoying) Music Camp Twenty years from now, some of your best memories from high school will probably include the time you spent at summer music camp. But right now, you’re just thinking about how hot it’s going to be and making sure you arrive with everything you need. (more…)

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What Band Directors Need to Know About Yamaha Drums

From One Head Drumline Instructor to Another Brandon Graves, University of Kansas Marching Jayhawks’ head drumline instructor, knows a thing or two about selecting and caring for marching band drums. Not only does he oversee KU’s Marching Jayhawks’ drumline programs and exercises, (more…)

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