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Do Music Lessons for Students Improve Math, Science and English Test Scores?

Science says yes. Parents, are you less than thrilled with your child’s academic performance and grades? Are you worrying about how to maintain your child’s self-esteem during the infamously rough middle school years? Do you look for relevant ways to enrich your child’s life now that will have life-long benefits? Those questions might sound like the opening lines of an infomercial for affordable music lessons. Even so, they bring up points that generations of parents have lost sleep over. And, every parent has thought up his or her own ideas, incentives and ideas in response. What if all along the...

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Online Music Lessons Alleviating Stress for Students

During “normal” times, usually students begin learning to play an instrument for one of two reasons. Either their parents encourage them to learn or the student has shown a personal interest in music and asked to take lessons. During this global health crisis, we are experiencing increased interest in private music lessons. Regardless of the reason, when children take music lessons, what they take away from them affects far more than their musical talent. Not only do the skills they learn carry over to academic performance and their adult lives, they help alleviate the stress students are feeling while their...

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Online Music Lessons Give Kansas City Students and Parents a Much-Needed Break

A little bit of humor is always appreciated when times are tough. Some of the funniest things we’ve seen since local school districts closed their buildings and went to online learning are parents’ posts about teaching their kids in the new homeschool environment (meaning the kitchen table). Many of us at Meyer Music are parents, too, and share the same desire to stab our eyes out when helping our kids with their math homework. All kidding aside though, it’s easier to homeschool some subjects than others. Math, language arts, social studies, science—all can be learned solo. All are considered core...

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