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Best Age to Take Piano

What’s the Best Age for Kids to Learn Piano? “When should my child start taking piano lessons?”  That’s a question we hear often, and the answer, like the answer to any other question involving your kid, depends upon your kid. Many children are ready to start taking lessons from a piano teacher by age six. A few can start earlier, perhaps at age four or five. Some may need to wait a little longer.  How do you know when your child is ready to learn to play the piano?  Here are a few questions to answer: Does my child have...

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Choosing the Right Musical Instrument for Your Child

Children benefit in many ways from learning to play a musical instrument. But which instrument is the right one for your child? The choices range from piccolo to piano, trumpet to tuba, and baritone saxophone to bass guitar.  Children are unique, and the right choice for your child may not be the instrument their best friend plays. This is an important decision you don’t want to make more than once. Get it right the first time, so your child doesn’t ask to stop learning one instrument and start over with another. If your kid shows interest in learning to play...

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